Year of the Drone and RC’s

The year of the Drone is upon us in 2017. Everything is coming together quite nicely for flying drones.

2016 set the groundwork for regulating drones in the United States and in many countries worldwide.

Regulations and registration have brought needed stability to this flying phenominum in National Airspaces. The US FAA has implemented regulations the make flying drones professionally accessible to thousands of pilots. Initially the FAA offered the Section 333 Exemption but in 2016 Part 107 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) was implemented to get a Remote Pilots License more accessible.

Worldwide the demand for drone/quadcopter use in industry and agriculture has increased so much that regulation and registration became a necessity.

Recreationally the drone industry has also grown exponentially. Flying drones with cameras has brought a whole new dimension to personal enjoyment. There are drones with camera, drones with video, pocket drones, drones for kids, racing drones, FPV (First Person View) quadcopters, build your drone and ready to fly drones. The list and technology grow almost daily.

Drone is a well recognized catchall word for rotary propeller unmanned aircraft piloted by remote control that come in many sizes, propeller configurations, winged and un-winged. The most common being the four propellered Quadcopter. Larger professional drones come in six and eight propeller configurations.

Future Blogs will cover in more detail, such topics as, FVP Drones, Flying Drones, Drones with Cameras, Drones with Video, Drones for Kids, UAS Regulations, UAS Registration, Drone Flying Safety,Drones with Best Reviews and much more.

I hope this introduction has been helpful. 2017 is the ground floor for some fantastic things to come. The door is open, I hope you’ll step in and join us as we all grow in this exciting new way to view the world we live in.

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